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Continuous data modelling

incro is a data transformation engine that keeps your data warehouse up-to-date at lightning speed by transforming your SQL queries into an incremental model that performs computations on granular data changes


Model your data with SQL

Empower your data engineers to query, join and transform your data with SQL and let incro manage model dependencies and deliver incremental updates at lightning speed.

SQL model into incremental dataflows

The old (slow) way

Your data transformation is bottlenecked by the frequency of the batch job - typically 24 hours

traditional etl

The incremental way

incro monitors your datawarehouse for any changes in source tables and instantly transforms new data

incremental elt

Transform all of your data

Monitor data changes from the source or directly in your data warehouses

Updates at lightning speed

Stream changes from your upstream data sources to transformed tables without batching updates

Model dependencies

Build models on top of each other and let incro manage dependencies between models

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